Kesha Sings ‘This Is Me’ from ‘Greatest Showman’ – Listen Now!

Keshahas released her own version of the song “This Is Me” from the new movieThe Greatest Showmanand it’s amazing!The song was written by Oscar winnersBenj PasekandJustin Paul, who also won the Tony for their musicalDear Evan Hansen.“This Is Me” is one of the 70 songs eligible for a nomination in the Best Original Song category atthe Oscars next year and this version of the track will definitely put it more in the spotlight!“Animals! Hear me sing ‘This Is Me’ from the movieGreatest Showman. This song means a lot to me as I hope to inspire my animals to accept and love yourselves. You are all special, my animals!! 💕🌟🦄🌟💕,”Keshawrote onFacebook.Listen to the song below and download it on itunes

2 responses to “Kesha Sings ‘This Is Me’ from ‘Greatest Showman’ – Listen Now!

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