Cardi B Cracks Up Jimmy Fallon In Super Wild‘Tonight Show’ Interview — Watch

Cardi Bmade an appearance onThe Tonight Show on Dec. 20 and it wasn’t to beJimmy Fallon‘s musical guest. Instead he just wanted to hear all about the 25-year-old’s red-hot rap career and her engagement toMigosstarOffset, 26. She looked fierce in a festive bright green jacket that featured  furry sleeves. Immediately things got weird when he asked her basic questions like how she’s from the Bronx and she gave him a kitty-cat noise for an answer. She also trilled her tongue to respond to other simple queries and the host was totally lost in trying to keep the interview on track.TheLove & Hip Hopstar did give an actual response when asked about if she knewif Offset was going to propose, saying  “No, I mean you know he always said something like ‘I’m gonna marry you.’And I was like. ‘It’s the right thing to do,’” while tilting her head back. “I knew he was going to give me a very expensive gift cause he wasn’t there for my birthday so I thought he was going to give me a watch or something. I mean he just went out of his way,” she continued while giving her tongue a roll with a “bloop” noise that had Jimmy in stitches yet looking like he had no idea how to respond.The host instead immediately switched topics to talk about the Grammy Awards, where Cardi has two nominations. Even that got strange as she said, “You wanna know something…you wanna know something” with big long pauses as Jimmy blushed and said “uh, yeah…yes,” practically begging for an answer. “I already feel like a winner. I never thought me, yazzz,” she responded while making a wild finger gesture. “I already won, but it’s good” she added before cocking back her head and leaning back in her chair with total confidence.Jimmy then brought up how her triple platinum hit “Bodak Yellow” was thefirst song by a solo female rapperto sit atop theBillboardHot 100 sinceLauryn Hill‘s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” in November 1998. “I’m so proud of myself,” she said while pretending to wipe away a tear. She explained that her that her hard work finally paid off, adding “I am proving baby!” Jimmy then tried to respond to her with his own trilling noises and oh man it was painful. Her new track “Bartier Cardi” featuring21 Savagedrops on Dec. 22, and she said she gave a “meow” noise instead of talking about it. At that point Jimmy just said that he loved her so much and wrapped up the interview as quick as he could.

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