Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Lola Consuelos Flattered By Attention,But Will She Follow In The FamilyBusiness?

Kelly RipaandMark Consuelos‘ beautiful daughter,Lola Consuelos, 16, garnered tons of attention after appearing on the red carpet for the CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute on Dec. 17 and it’s leading everyone to wonder if she will choose a career in the spotlight. “Lola is flattered with the attention but she also has her head on straight when it comes to her future,” a source close to the Consuelos family EXCLUSIVELY “She really doesn’t know if she wants to get in the family business and in entertainment at all but she definitely wants to go to college. She enjoys having as much of a normal life as possible and she likes the life she has right now. She realizes that she is affordedsome shortcuts if need be if she wants to explore entertainment but she wants to earn whatever she does and college is something that is more important than being a star right now.” See some of Lola’sbest photos here!With such a successful family, it’s no surprise that Lola is intelligent and feels the way she does! Although she’s not yet sure what she wants to do in the long run, she did admit to wanting to hostLive with Kelly & Ryanafter arecent appearance on the show! She cooked with her mom and co-host Ryan Seacrest, who she adorably refers to as “Uncle Ry Ry,” and was a real hit!It was great to see Lola on the show sinceKelly has often told viewers funny storiesabout her throughout the years.  With a good head on her shoulders, she is definitely going far places no matter what career she chooses. Whether she’s on the red carpet or cooking with her mom, we love seeing her grow up into the amazing young lady that she is!

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