Bebe Rexha Opens ‘A Christmas Story Live!’ With An Epic Performance Of ‘Count On Christmas’

You probably didn’t remember this fromthe originalA Christmas Story, right? The holiday classic was instantly catapulted into the future withBebe Rexha‘s epic (and adorable) performance of her new song, “Count on Christmas”, duringA Christmas Story Live!This isofficially our new favorite holiday jam! Dressed in an adorable plaid dress and matching cap, red tights, and a red cape, Bebe sang her heart out onTV (live, no less!), surrounded by dancers wearingtheir winter finest. It was the perfect way to get us in the mood for the live show!Bebe’s Christmas carol was written especially forthe live TV musical, which aired on Fox on December 17. It was just the beginning of an incredibly impressive show, featuringMaya Rudolphas Ralphie’s mom,Matthew Broderickasthe grown-up Ralphie/the narrater, and boy bandPRETTYMUCHas some awesome carolers! Bebe’s awesome song was penned by Benj PasekandJustin Paul, the songwriters who brought us the hit Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen”, and are responsible for the upcoming movie musicalThe Greatest Showman. That one starsHugh JackmanandZac Efron! Later in the show, the guys, along withZendaya, are going to do a live commercial for their movie! Bebe’s performance looked so fun, and she confirmed that it was totally awesome on Twitter.
 She tweeted, “Omg that was the most fun I’ve ever had.” So cool!Omg that was the most fun I’ve ever had.— Bebe Rexha (@BebeRexha)December 18, 2017

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