Zendaya Rocked A Slick Fire EngineRed Blazer

Zendaya has pretty muchowned every red carpetshe set foot on in 2017 and she’s continuing to kill it as she promotes her new flickThe Greatest Showman. The 21-year old attended the film’s Mexico City premiere in a stunning shiny fire engine red blazer that looked like she could be a circus ring leader. Which is apropos as the movieis aboutP.T. Barnum, the man who started show business by founding the circus industry in the 1800’s. Her jacket really popped when the photographers’ flashbulbs went off, making the color and fabric erupt with a glistening shine.The actress paired her statement blazer with a pair of simple black pants, heels and a crisp white tuxedo-necked shirt for a really classic look. She wore her dark locks in heavy side curls just above her shoulders, giving her blazer all of the attention when it came to her overall outfit. Her brilliant stylistLaw Roachposted a photo of her to his Instagram and described her look as “Tom Boy Chic…” He noted that the blazer was by Ralph Lauren and the heels by Christian Louboutin for anyone who wants to copy Zendaya’s look. See pics of Zendaya’s red carpet style,here.While her co-starZac Efron, 30, has been strangely low-key on the press tour forThe Greatest Showman— he playsher love interest—she andHugh Jackman, 49, have been traveling the world together to promote the movie. She revealed how theWolverinestar helped her get over her fear of heights when it came to the trapeze work she had to perform. On aTonight Showappearance on Dec. 12, she revealed that he encouraged her by telling her  that she was a “badass” and that coming from the action hero, that made her all the ready to get going on her daring stunts!

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