Hillary Clinton Admits She Tried To Avoid Trump’s Inauguration: It Was ‘Painful’

Nobody was more upset to seeDonald Trumpinaugurated thanHillary Clinton! On a visit toThe Ellen Showon December 15, Hillary told hostEllen DeGeneresthat she understandably wasn’t looking forward to seeing her political opponentofficially become presidenton January 21, and didn’t want to go to the ceremony. In fact, she andhusband Bill Clinton tried their hardest to get out of the obligation! Unfortunately, it’s political protocol as a former president to attend their successor’s inauguration. Bummer.“Honestly, we tried to get out of it,” she told Ellen. “But we calledJimmy Carter, we called the Bushes. The elder Bushes were in the hospital sothey didn’t have to go…” Ellen quipped that the Bushes,George HW Bush, andBarbara Bush, who are in their 90s and both fell suddenly ill at the same time, were “lucky.” Sick burn! Hillary said that she, and the former presidents, all wanted Trump to succeed, that no matter who thepresident is, you want to see them be able to do agood job for the country. “I went to the inauguration with that hope,” she said. “And it was a painful and disappointing experience.” Same.She said that writing her new memoir,What Happened, was an emotional experience, as well.Looking back on the presidential election andwriting about her loss— especially after learning it wasn’t all her fault — made her desolate. “It wasso painful. I’d literally have to write and go lie down. It was so painful,” she told Ellen.

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