Adorable Phoenix Girl, 3, Dies From Beating After Mom Leaves Her With Boyfriend For The Day

This is so tragic. A three-year-old Phoenix, AZ girl is dead and her mother’s boyfriend stands accused ofbeating her so badlyit took her life. The family ofMorgan KoepptoldFOX 10 KSAZon Dec. 13 that they had taken her off life supportafter she was rushed to the hospital on Dec. 10, fighting for her life with multiple injuries. The girl’s mother had left her in the care of her boyfriendSidney Michael Landers, 33, who is now under arrest. He was booked on child abuse charges that are likely to beincreased to homicidenow that Morgan has died.According to court papers, Landers “stated he held his hand over the victim’s mouth when she was screaming during her diaper change. The defendant stated he had to use force to hold the victim to change her diaper. The defendant statedhe did not mean to cause the injuries but was frustrated.” He made his first court appearance on Dec. 13The little girl’s grandfatherTim Williamstold the TV stations that he got the horrific news that Morgan was hospitalized when “My other daughter called me and told me that Morgan Koepp got beat up.” He described the girl’s fight for life, saying that “She had cardiac arrest. They had to bring her back. She went into another cardiac arrest. They had to put a machine on her to keep her alive.”he heartbroken grandpa revealed that Morgan suffered multiple bruises and broken ribs, and what later proved to be a deadly flesh-eating bacteria infection. “It’s a necrotizing soft tissue infection that opened up when she got hit or punched or whatever she did, and it spread throughout her body,” said Williams. It proved to be too much for the little girl’s body to take and she died three days after the alleged beating.Morgan’s momBrianna Williamsstarted a GoFundMe page, initially to help with the girl’s medical expenses. After her death she wrote. ‘To my beautiful baby girl who taught me so much in these last 3 years. I saw how much pain you werein and I am so sorry you had to endure such a tragedy. I hate that I will never be able to watch you grow and see you again or hold you again until I one day get to heaven. But I am able to keep going because I know you are now resting ina better place. Watch over me and give God a hugfor me for bringing you home so you aren’t suffering anymore. I love you Morgan Faith Koepp.”

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