Gwen Stefani Rocks Out To Holiday Classics & Original Tracks During Her Xmas Special

With a brand new Christmas album released earlier this year, Gwen Stefani, 48, was the perfect star to host her very own Christmas special — and she totally delivered when Gwen Stefani’s You Make It Feel Like Christmasaired on Dec. 12. Although there were a few celebrity guests throughout the night, Gwen was for sure thequeen of the evening, and she took the stage quite a few times for different performances. Not only did Gwen sing original songs from her new album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, but she also got us in the holiday spirit with renditions of some of the most classic Christmas songs.Gwen opened her special with a high energy performance of the classic song “Jingle Bells” while wearing a festive candy cane-inspired, sequined ensemble with a big red Christmas bowin her hair. She was joined on stage by a group of adorable kids in matching candy cane colored dresses for the girls and suits and bow ties for the boys. Her next performance of her original Christmas song, “When I was a Little Girl,” sentimentally brought us back to Gwen’s childhood while the blonde beauty belted out the lyrics. Clips of baby Gwen flashed on a screen in the background as Gwen shined in a beautiful dress reminiscent of a sparkling snowflake.”Let itSnow” showed Gwen having a fun-loving time as she sang while wearing an eye-catching outfit with fringe detail. She was joined bySeth Macfarlane, making the song a classic duet.Gwen sang the flirty song, “Santa Baby,” next, and she naturally wore a Santa-inspired getup with a Santa hat. She was joined by a bunch of dancing ladies who were also wearing Santa-inspired outfits. To top it all off, Santa Claus himself was dancing along in the audience! Gwen sang her next tune, “Under the Christmas Lights,” in a nutcracker-inspired ensemble. She started off singing the song while standing in the audience as the crowd waved around red and white candy cane glow sticks before she ended up back on stage. Gwen and her boyfriend,Blake Shelton, sang their incredible duet from her album, “You Make it Feel Like Christmas” and they looked adorable together. Blake wore a sparkly black tie, black blazer and jeans while Gwen rocked a unique black and red plaid dress and black heels.When Gwen sang “Last Christmas” withNe-Yo, she looked like a Christmas princess in a puffy light pink gown while her duet partner chose a classic black suit with a red tie. Dancing gingerbread cookies filled the stage for Gwen’s song, “My Gift is You” while she strutted her stuff in a cute black and red ballerina style dress. “Christmas Eve” brought the evening to a slow and memorable setting while Gwen sang the soothing song in a strapless red gown with backing vocals by a choir. Gwen appropriately chose “White Christmas” as her closing performance for the special and brought the audience to their feet as she swayed in a gorgeous sparkly white gown while surrounded by dancers wearing white feathers. Fake snow drizzled down on the stage as she ended the exciting performance.From the amazing songs to the holiday outfits, Gwen really went all-out to make sure she was feeling AND looking merry during the televised event! Other celebs in attendance included Chelsea Handler, andKen Jeong. All in all, the evening was full of music AND comedy, making itthe perfect segue into the holiday season. Is anyone else as excited for Christmas as we are now!?s

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