La La Anthony Looks White-Hot Revealing Her Toned Abs In Skin-Tight Crop Top & Pants(photos)

What’s hotter than a night in Miami? Well, if someone asksCarmelo Anthony, 33, theOklahoma City Thunderstar would say it’sLa La Anthony, 38. Melo’s wife cranked up the temperature by a few degrees when she posed in a skin-tight outfit. “Art Basel 2017,” La La captioned the shot, indicating she was in Miami for the art and music extravaganza. The term “white-hot” has never been more appropriate, as La La’s pristine outfit was whiter than snow and hotter than the sun.Though Melo and La La remain separated, they still seem to be on each other’s minds. Melo is known for thirsting after his wife, posting tributes to her on his Instagram whilecreeping in the comments sectionof her account. The attraction apparently isn’t one way. La La posted a quote to her Snapchat on Dec. 1 that seemed to indicateshe might be missing her estranged hubby.“It take sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.” Maybe since Melo relocated to OKC, La La has suddenly found herself longing for him?Though absence makes the heart grow fonder, maybe this distance is exactly what this fracturedmarriage needed? Ever since Melo traded hisNew York Knicksjersey for the Thunder’s colors, he and La La are in a “much better place,” a source EXCLUSIVELY LaLa had reservations of having Melo in another city (a possibly out of her sights), but the insider said that Carmelo has been “incredibly forthcoming” about what he’s been up to. Honesty is the best policy, after all.

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ART BASEL 2017 💎

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