Kylie Jenner Ripped Apart By Fans For ‘Crazy‘ $360 Cosmetic Brush Set — SheResponds

Kylie Jenner might have just prompted a serious uproar among her fans! The20-year-old is rolling out a new cosmetic brush set(out Dec. 13) whichis going to be sold for a whopping $360! The steep price tag has fans and followers taking to social media to voice their disgust at what they see as a scam! “How many things can we buy with the $360 that @KylieJenner wants to sale (sic) her brush kit for?” one angry fan wrote. “@hulu w/o commercials for like 3 years? Donate that money to Cali? 4 dog adoptions from a local shelter? So many other smart choices…” Whoa! And that’s just the beginning! Head here to take apeek at more Kylie pics.“What a rip off, $360 for the whole set? They don’teven look like good brushes, Kylie is way too full of herself and I’d rather support a makeup company that actually has good products, Kylie ismediocre at best,” another critic wrote. “There’s a lot of stuff that’s coming off like ‘play’ makeup. I can still do better and go to Claire’s or literally thedollar store,” yet another angry individual tweeted out. Yikes!Finally, after the outcry had reached mythic proportions,the reportedly pregnant reality star responded to the backlash. “I always fight for the lowest price on all my products. Here are some other real brush lines for reference,” she wrote onTwitter along with some images of other equally expensive brushes. “But i hear you guys, love you guys and truly just want the best.” Something tells us this isn’t the end of this controversy!

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