August Ames Heartbreaking Suicide Note Reportedly Found In Car After Tragic Death At 23

Before taking her life,August Amesleft a suicide note behind in her car. Within the note that was addressed to her family and friends, August allegedly apologized for killing herself in a public park,The Blastreports. However, according to theMedical Examiner, August failed to mention the bullying and online harassment she suffered in the days leading up to her suicide at any point in her message, which was discovered by authorities. Wereported earlierhow the Ventura County Medical Examiner spokesperson said thatthe official cause of death was asphyxiation fromhanging herself, an act which she committed in a park 20 minutes away from her home. Immediately after her death, many of her friends initially believed that she had taken her life as a result of cyberbullying after August tweeted about refusing to do a scene with a male adult performer who had done gay porn.While the suicide note did not indicate that bullying was an impetus for August taking her own life, wereported earlierhowDr. Jenn Manninformed us that bully victims are 229 times morelikely to commit suicide than non-victims, according to a study by Yale University. It’s now also come to light that August reportedly had mental health issues that stemmed from when she wasallegedly sexually assaultedas a kid.One of August’s friends and fellow porn starAlison Tylersaid that theporn industrycould have been a lot more supportive of August, and that August had never been “homophobic” despite claims that a controversial tweet she posted was potentially gay-bashing.Click here to see the saddest celebrity deaths of 2017.

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