Melania Trump Pictured Grabbing Fast Food — She May Be Down-To-Earth After All

Believe it or not folks,Melania Trump, 47, was spotted at a Whataburger in Corpus Christi, Texas. She and Second LadyKaren Pence, 59, stopped at the fast food chain during a trip to help Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas. Picsshow Melania staring at the menu board, pondering her order, in atrendygreen puffer jacket. We aren’t exactly sure what the ladies decided on, but we can be sure it was hearty and filled with carbohydrates.SEE MORE PICS HERE!The press pool was not allowed inside the restaurant while Melania and Karen indulged in their meals, but they were treated to Whataburger french fries while they waited outside along with the Secret Service. It’s safe to say the White House isn’t afraid to feast on fast food.President Donald Trump‘s love for fast food doesn’t end with McDonald’s, he chose a burger instead of local Asian cuisine on a recent trip to Japan. Trump was photographed enjoying a well done burger in early November. Relatable right?In addition to their Whataburger visit, Melania andKaren traveled to an elementary school, a foodbank and Rockport, Texas to meet a family who lost everything as a result of Hurricane Harvey. According toThe Daily Mail, Melania told reporters, “We are here to lend our support to those who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.” Hurricane Harvey hit Texas late August 2017 and destroyed over 40,000 homes. The category four storm also killed at little over 70 people and primarily flooded the Houston metropolitan area.

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