Liam Payne Trys To Sing Niall Horan’s Track ‘Slow Hands’ & Epically Fails — Watch

It’s happened to the best of us, right? You’re happily singing along to your favorite track, but awkwardly realize it’s the wrong verse.One DirectionstarLiam Payne, 24, experienced this exact moment when attempting to sing along to “Slow Hands” byNiall Horan, 24. Liam shared thehilarious moment on his Instagram Story where he can be seen mouthing lyrics to the wrong part of the song. Adding humor to the situation, Liam captioned the video “When you sing the wrong part of the song,” admitting to the funny mistake.Although Niall doesn’t make an appearance in thevideo,One Directionfans will of course let this incident slide, as it not only suggests a One Direction reunion in the near future , but gives us a glimpse of their supportive bromance. Liam recently posted a photo to Instagram with Niall at theiHeart Radio Jingle Ballcaptioning it “good to see you bro,” reassuring everyone that their love for each other has not changed. Niall and Liam are just two of the 10 artist included in this year’s Jingle Ball 2017 lineup, which kicked off on November, 28th at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. Other singers include Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello and G-Eazy.Liam explained toEntertainment Tonightthat catching up with Niall was exciting, “He came andhung out for a little bit, but it’s just so nice to see him. I don’t know, when you see someone you haven’t seen for ages. you become the same person that you were with them. I don’t know, it’s very interesting.”

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