Chris Brown & Agnez Mo Cozied Up Together In Secluded Alcove At B-Day Bash

Chris[Brown, 28] was keeping a really low profile all night, which is kind of unusual for him,” an eyewitness atDJ Khaled’s 42nd birthday party

Chris and Agnez arrived at the Beverly Hillsbash on Dec. 2 together, but tried to keep things on the DL after showing up. “He andAgnez[Mo, 31] didn’t pose together on thered carpet, in fact, he skipped the red carpet completely while she posed for pictures—and although they arrived and left the party together, they didn’t walk sideby side, she stayed a few steps behind him,so they weren’t photographed together in the same frame.”“When they were inside the party they also stayed out of the spotlight, and they didn’t pose together or in any group photos,” the insider “The two of them spent most of the night sitting together in an alcove area which was pretty dark, it was like they really didn’t want to be photographed out together. They appeared to be in deep conversation about something, and although there were no PDAs there was a definite flirty vibe between them, and they certainly looked tobe more than just friends.”Chris and the Indonesian superstar sparked romance rumors on Nov. 27, all thanks to an Instagram picture. The shot, uploaded to Breezy’s account,showed him with his arm around Agnez’s waist, with hishead pressed up against hers. “got some dope sh*t cooking,” he captioned the picture, which was taken in a recording studio. While this “dope sh*t” is very likely a new music collaboration between these two music stars, that PDA led many to think somethingelsewas cooking.Agnez continued to get people buzzing about her and Breezy when she posed for his clothing line, Black Pyramid. Chris shared a picture of Ms. Mo rocking some of his streetwear. He didn’t have much to say to the picture ofAgnez looking hot, adding just “” in the captions. Well, message received, Chris. Agnez seems to be a fan of Black Pyramid, as she was spotted wearing a pair of blue BP pants, almost exactly like the pants Chris was wearing during that studio PDA.

Hopefully Chris was able to connect Agnezwith some of the stars celebrating DJ Khaled’s 42nd.Usher,Fergie,Pharrell Williams, and more attended the belated party (as Khaled’s birthday was on Nov. 26) thrown byDiddy, according toFootwear News. The guest list is a who’s who of people Agnez would love to collaborate with as she breaks into the United States. “DJ Khaled,JAY-ZandCardi B,” she said when listing offher wishlist of collaborators

“I love me some f*cking Cardi B. She’s super real. I’d love for Khaled orG-Eazyto [remix] ‘Damn I Love You.’” Perhaps he could get Chris to guest on this remix, too?

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