Sandra Bullock ‘Feels Horrible’ For Women Matt Lauer Allegedly Victimized, Says Source

Sandra Bullock, 53, who has frequently sat down with Matt Lauer, 59, for interviews over the years, is apparently as shaken by his swift departure from NBC as we are! According to our insiders, the Oscar-winneris now more determined than ever be an advocate for women in the aftermath of the disturbing charges that have been leveled against him. “Sandra feels horriblefor the women Matt may have victimized,” a source tells us.“She has known Matt for years and she is shocked about the allegations.”The insider went on to add that she doesn’thold any grudges against Matt but she supports the women who have come forward. “While she does not harbor any anger towards Matt on a personal level, herheart does go out to the women he may have harassed over the years. She is dedicated to being an advocate for the rights of not only the women hurt by Matt but for all women who have been taken advantage of in Hollywood and everywherein the world.” Head here tons more imagesof Matt throughout the years.As we previously reported, not longer after Matt lost his position at theTodayshow, and more alleged victims came forward, anold video surfaced of an interview betweenSandra and him while she was promotingThe Proposalin 2009. In it,he admits on airto her that a nude photo of her is his screensaver! Yikes! Thankfully, she shut down his sleaziness!

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