‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: DaenerysPlots To Defeat Cersei & Theon Makes A Cowardly Choice

And so we begin. Stormborn, the second episodeof season 7 of Game of Thrones opened exactly the way it should have — with a storm. Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) council was meeting for the first time at Dragonstone as the sea raged outside herwindow, just like on the night she was born, according to Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). They all agree that they can’t stay for long, but what they can’t agree on is what their next move will be. Butfirst Dany wants to make sure that Varys (Conleth Hill) is going to be faithful to her. Thoughhe brought the Tyrell’s and Dornish to her side, she doesn’t trust someone who betrayed both herfather the Mad King and Robert Baratheon, so shemakes him swear allegiance to her and promise to never conspire against her, or she will burn him alive. Well, she has the dragons, so he makesthe deal. Click here to see our predictions for Game of Thrones Season 7.Before they can continue their session, Dany is notified that Melisandre (Carice van Houten) has arrived to see her. The Red priestess comes on a night that is dark and full of terrors to tell Dany she wants to join her team and she believes a prophecy about a “prince” who will save the seven kingdoms applies to her… and Jon Snow (Kit Harington). “Who is this?” Dany wonders. Tyrion explains the virtues of Jon and that he will be a great member of the team, so Dany invites him to come and meet her and bend the knee. So many women asking Jon to bend the knee and it’s only episode two. Talk about girl power!Well, one girl doesn’t trust the Mother of Dragons,and that’s Sansa (Sophie Turner). When Jon gets the letter (with a super special secret message from Tyrion making it clear that it is authentic) hislittle sis tries to shut this proposed meeting downASAP. But Jon isn’t so quick to dismiss the idea. Hey, those dragons would sure come in handy while trying to defend the North from the Night King and his White Walkers. Just saying, Sansa.Meanwhile, Cersei (Lena Headey) is scaring everyone and their mother with fake stories aboutDany and her army, saying they are gonna come and rape and pillage and it’s gonna be horrible. Sohow does she plan to stop the dragons? She and the High Sparrow have a plan that involves an evillittle contraption that can shoot a spear right through the skull of a dragon.And just watching apreview of what that thing can do gives us chills, yikes! Jaime (Nikolaj Coster) is busy schmoozingSam’s father Randyll Tarly (yeah, remember that jerk?) because he wants him to be his ranking general and is offering him the title of Warden of the South when everything is said and done. Well,there is nothing that can give Sam a worse relationship with his father at this point, so why not.And speaking of Sam (John Bradley-West)! He’s hanging at the Citadel, where things are alittle better, but now he’s having to watch the Archmaester take care of greyscale patients. He just so happens to meet Jorah (whose arm he saw through a window last episode) who will be going mad from the stuff in six months if he doesn’t get help soon. Luckily, Sam can never nothelp someone (especially Jorah, once he finds out he is the son of Jeor Mormont, the late Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch), and takes some of those fancy books from the library to help cure him. Unfortunately the treatment involves literally peeling the scales off Jorah’s body. It’s seriously one of the grossest GoT scenes we’ve ever seen, but weirdly heartwarming.Finally we get to see Dany’s council in action! We’ve got Dany, Tyrion, Ellaria Sand, Varys, the Greyjoys and Olenna Tyrell all in one room at a giant tabletop map of Westeros, looking like they’re ready to play the most epic game of Risk ever. Of course everyone’s talking at once and everyone wants to go about things in their own way. The second Ellaria pipes in with her savage two cents, Tyrion whips out this epic diss: “We don’t poison little girls here.” AW, SNAP. Clearly Tyrionhasheard ofwhat Ellaria did to his niece Myrcella in the name of revenge after her lover Oberyn was killed while fighting in a trial by combat for him. Okay, Dany isn’t having any more of this nonsense and shuts down what could have been an epic fight before it even begins. Already she’s becoming the dragon she needs to be to win this game!She explains they aren’t gonna take King’s Landing right away, like everyone wants. Huh? Instead, they are going to lay siege to the capitals surrounding it, cutting off Cersei’s supplies. Then the Greyjoys will take Ellaria’s Dornish army to King’s Landing where they and the Tyrells will fight Cersei’s men. Greyjoy and the Unsullied have by far the most important job though, as they are going to spring a sneak attack on Casterly Rock. Wow. NO ONE saw that coming. That was definitely a very productive first meeting for Dany’s team. But now Olenna and Dany need to have their own little chat, where the wise older woman warns the Mother of Dragons that she needs to be the one who is truly in charge, not Tyrion. Uh oh, is Olenna worried what happened to her darling granddaughter, Queen Margaery, may happen to Dany?That night, one of the most beautifully intimate love scenes in the history of Game of Thrones takes place, when Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) and Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) are forced to say goodbye to each other before he heads off to fight. “You are my weakness,” he confesses, while they both know he may not be returning to her. Our hearts are melting as, finally, the two shyest characters on the show make love. Missandei’s way of reassuring Grey Worm that his “unsullied” body is just fine the way it is so touching we wanna die!Meanwhile, Arya (Maise Williams), who was the queen of the premiere, has been laying low this episode. She pops into the tavern where her old friend Hot Pie works to get a bite to eat. He gives her two important things: 1) a free meal and 2) the news that her brother Jon is alive and well and has taken back Winterfell for the Starks. Arya is able to get out of there knowing she isn’t heading for King’s Landing to kill Cersei anymore,she’s headed home now. But it will be a while till she can get there. So that night she stops in the woods and builds a fire. Suddenly there is howling all around her and a pack of ferocious wolves come out to greet her. She appears ready to go down fighting, when all of a sudden Nymeria shows up as the head of the pack.NYMERIA! Her old direwolf!Arya recognizes her instantly and tries to her girl to come home with her, but she soon realizes Nymeria lives in a different world now. And as the wolf pack leaves her alive, Arya accepts that Nymeria has changed,just as she has. She even looks a little happy to see her go. Cue the tears!Back at Winterfell, Jon has FINALLY received Sam’s letter about the dragonglass at Dragonstone. Jeeze, how long does raven mail take? After reading Sam’s letter Jon tells the lordsof the North he has decided to meet with Dany because they need this dragonglass to make weapons to fight the White Walkers and the NightKing. They also need allies. So he and Sir Davos will go meet her while he leaves Sansa to hold down the fort at Winterfell. Seriously. People werefurious when they learned he was leaving, but they shut up when he put his faith in Sansa to take care of their home and the North. Before Joncan leave, Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen) just has to remind him how he helped him win the Battle of the Bastards and basically wants to lay claim to Sansa. “Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself,” Jon says as he slams Little Finger against a wall. Yikes. Who thinks he is gonna back off now?We begin to see the first step of Dany’s plan fall into place as Ellaria, Theon (Alfie Allen) and Yara (Gemma Whelan) are sailing to pick up the Dornish army. Yara and Ellaria are getting along QUITE well and just as Theon, who Yara calls her “adviser and protector,” is about to leave them alone they hear a huge storm coming — and we don’t just mean the weather. Euron Greyjoy (PilouAsbæk) has come out of nowhere with his endless supply of ships from Pyke to kill his nie


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