Cristiano Ronaldo confirms his girlfriend is pregnant with his 4th child

Cristiano Ronaldo, who just welcomed his twins through a surrogate mother, has confirmed he’s expecting his 4th child child with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.Accordingto El Mundo,the32-year-old Portuguese confirmed Georgina Rodriguez’spregnancy in their conversation with him.This is coming after Georgina Rodriguezwasspotted with a growing baby bump while on holiday with the Cristiano Ronaldo in Ibiza.Also, 101GreatGoals reports that the couple are planning to tie the knot as Georgina recently started following popular Spanish wedding dress accounts on social media.Here’s the conversation Cristiano Ronaldo had with El MundoEl Mundo:Howare your two babies like?Cristiano: They are precious, I am delighted.El Mundo: Do you change their diapers?Cristiano: I’m not very good at it, but I try.El Mundo: You look delighted.Cristiano: Very, I’m really happy.El Mundo: And are you happy with the one on the way?Cristiano: Yes, very much.Congratulations, Cristiano!


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