Justin Bieber Caught Flirting With Ex Sofia Richie On Instagram: Romantic Message

Justin Bieber, 23, may have ended things with Sofia Richie, 18, last September, but she’s still one of 70 people he follows on Instagram — and he still takes notice of the photos she posts. On July 11, the teenager uploaded a photo of herself at the dinner table with an empty plate and entire pizza pie in front of her as she poses for the camera. In the pic, Sofia’s hair is perfectly slickedback into a low bun, and her skin is glowing to perfection with minimal makeup. Not only did the Biebs double tap and ‘like’ the photo, but he commented, too. “You are gorgeous!!” he gushed.In case you forgot, Justin and Sofiadated for about a monthlast August and September, but their short-lived relationship made major headlines. Fans did NOT ship the relationship, and threw a LOT of uncalled for hate Sofia’s way when Justin posted photos with her on social media. He threatened to delete his account if his Beliebers didn’t stop, which is when his ex,Selena Gomez, 24,got involved— she commented on his Instagram that he shouldn’t betray his fans, and instead, should stop posting photos with his girlfriend if he was so offended by the haters.This turned into aback and forth between the famous exes, eventually resulting in Justin deleting his Instagram formonths. Not long after the feud, Sel cancelled the remaining dates of herRevivaltour and went on to spend 90 days in treatment.

It appears Justin and Sofia have remained somewhat friendly since all this went down — thisisn’t the first time he’s liked one of her pics recently, although his ‘gorgeous’ comment definitely took things to a new level. Sofia followshim on Instagram, as well, so there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood!


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