Demi Lovato Drops Fiery Summer Banger ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ — Listen

It seems like it’s been forever since Demi Lovato, 24, released a solo single, and “Sorry Not Sorry” is just what we needed to scratch the itch. “Payback is a bad b*tch,” Demi sings on the badass track, “And baby I’m the baddest. Love it! Listen to the new song, which dropped today, July11, below!Demi teased the song all over social media aheadof the release, sharing instrumental snippets of the track and using the phrase “SNS.” Lovatics immediately began freaking out, especially once she announced that she’d be flying toLas VegasandBostonfor special listening parties with fans,which can still be entered via contest, so get on that!Finally, “Sorry Not Sorry,” which was produced byZaire Koalo,Trevor BrownandWarren “Oak” Felder, is easily one of Demi’s best songs, and we’re hoping this means a new album is on the horizon. A date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Demi recently spoke about her sixth album, revealing that it will be out later in 2017. “I’m releasing an album later this year, so my fans canlook forward to that. It’s more soulful and I want to go more R&B with it,” she toldBillboard. “There’s a lot of pain that I experienced over the past year, and I’m so ready to write about it. I’ve stayed sober through it all, I’m a stronger person, but it’s definitely been a very painful year,” she also toldLatina magazine, adding that the record “will have a more soulful vibe.” Can’t wait!


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