Selena Gomez Celebrates Fourth OfJuly In Bed With Miley Cyrus — Sort Of

Selena Gomez, 24, definitely knows a jam when she hears it! In a super cute video, the singer put an animal ear and glasses filter on herselfas she rocked out toMiley Cyrus‘ “Party In The USA”. Although she’s just lip syncing, Selena is clearly grooving to the music! Plus, the filter she added from Snapchat included a voice changer, so it made Miley’s voice sound high pitched and squeaky like a mouse. Too funny! We love to seeSelena jamming to Miley’s hit song, especially since they are both Disney Channel alums. It’s like a mini-reunion!Sadly there is no sign of Selena’s boyfriend,The Weeknd, in the video. While we’re sure that Selena andAbel Tesfaye(The Weeknd’s real name)spend plenty of time together, we definitely would have loved to see him rocking out to some Miley, too. However, Abel wasn’t even in the United States for the Fourth of July holiday. The Canadian singer is still touring the world, and he shared on Instagram thathe was chilling in Norway. That’s a bummer for Selena, but maybe that’s who she was making silly Snapchat videos for? That would be pretty cute!Speaking of cute, check out Selena’s video below:Selena singing to Party In The USA!(credits to@tsrarez)— Selena Gomez News (@SelenaHQ)July 5, 2017


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