Katy Perry Mocks Niall Horan As A ‘Stage 5 Clinger’ After He Insists He’s Not Flirting With Her

Katy Perry , 32, sure knows how to tease a guy.
Nope, we don’t mean in the sexy way — we
mean in the mocking way! After a little bit of
back and forth between Katy and Niall Horan ,
23, the two got together at The Voice in Australia.
But it seems Katy wasn’t done poking fun at Niall
for allegedly trying to hit on her in the past ,
referring to him as a “stage five clinger” in their
adorable picture together. In the picture, both
Katy and Niall are smiling and seem to be having
a great time together, so while Katy is definitely
throwing a little shade it seems it was all in jest.
The reunion between Katy and Niall took place
after the two just couldn’t seem to stop talking
about each other in the press. In a recent
interview, Katy teased that Niall was a nice guy
but that he always seemed to be “flirting” with
her despite their massive age difference. Niall
quickly responded to Katy’s flirting claims by
telling her she should be a little less “mean” to
him in the future. Now it just seems like they
have been flirting with each other all along!
After all, didn’t your parents teach you that if a
boy or girl teases you in school that means they
have a crush on you? Hmm! We’re onto you,
Katy and Niall!


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