Alicia Keys Pens Heartfelt Note to Husband Swizz Beatz: ‘I’m Still In Awe of Him’

Alicia Keys is taking a moment to share her love for her
husband Swizz Beatz.
The 36-year-old entertainer took to her Instagram to celebrate
her husband including his creativity and passion for everything
in his life.
“Just had to take a minute to reflect on how proud I am of
this incredible man!! Not just because I love him beyond
description and he’s an incredible person (which he is no
question) but because of all the magnificent ideas he invents
in his mind and then makes real in the world in major ways!!”
Alicia began.
She continued, “With art, music, businesses, marketing and in
so many more ways than I could fit in one IG text! It’s crazy!!
It’s challenging to even bring ONE good idea to fruition and
yet he does many and is STILL dreaming! Big, huge ceiling-
less dreams!”


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