La La Anthony Hints Carmelo’s Trying To Reconcile: ‘Why Wouldn’t He’ Want Me Back

Talk that talk La La! The television personality,
38, let the world know that she and Carmelo
Anthony , 33, aren’t moving forward with their
divorce… just yet. During a candid interview on
June 27, La La was in good spirits when she
admitted that they’re just focused on their son,
Kiyan , 10. But, that doesn’t mean Melo isn’t
trying to win her back… maybe.
“He seems like he wants you back?” Wendy
Williams asked La La during their candid sit
down. “Why wouldn‘t he?” La La replied with
confidence, while she seemed to dodge the
question. A collective crowd roar followed her
bold response and she loved every second of it.
Hey, if we looked as good as La La, we’d love it
too! But, the stunning star got serious and
explained that she’s got nothing but love for
“Not right now, I’m not,” La La said about if she
plans on divorcing Melo. “Marriages are tough…
it’s filled with ups and downs. We’re just going
through a time right now. But, him and I are the
best of friends and our number one committment
is Kiyan. We have to set an example to Kiyan
and that’s what’s most important to me.”
La La took her explanation a step further, when
she admitted that she’ll never turn against Melo.
“I absolutely, would never say a bad thing about
my husband,” she said. “He’s my son’s father
and he is an amazing dad. I could not ask for a
better dad.” That’s sweet!
So, if there’s no bad blood, can they work it out?
— Well, Wendy asked all the right questions and
La La served up the tea. “Listen, if I could
predict the future, then we’d all be
multimillionaires. I don’t know what the future
holds,” La La admitted. “I just know that we’re
doing an incredible job being parents to our son.
We really are the best of friends. I’ve been with
Melo since he was 19 years old. You’re not with
somebody for 19-years-and it just goes out the
window. I love him with all of my heart.” Awe!
La La’s telling interview came just two days after
Melo wished her the sweetest happy birthday on
Instagram. He posted a photo of her on June 25,
with the caption, “You are as beautiful now as
ever before!!! Sending Birthday wishes to MY
EARTH”. His cute message was followed with
“LOVE you.” And, fans obviously went nuts.
La La and Melo were together for 12 years and
married for seven years before they decided to
separate in April 2017. Although their
relationship is going through a tumultuous time,
one thing is consistent; their approach to co-
parenting. The pair have remained a happy,
united front when it comes to their son, Kiyan.


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