Future Launches Universal Emoji Pack ‘FUTUREMOJI’

Futureis at it again, expanding his business and brand.Today, the Atlanta star has launchedhis own custom emoji pack called FutureMoji. The pack has been created by AppMoji and is an universal emoji “language” available on mobile keyboards with the ability to work everywhere just as a regular Unicode emoji. The FutureMoji pack includes both emoji and .GIF caricatures of Future in scenarios that reflect his real and artist life — him securing oversized bags ofmoney, flexing in his “Gucci flip flops” and more.“We are excited to grow our partnership with Future by being the first to launch emojis that now work everywhere (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)” says Founder/CEO of Moji, Oliver Camilo. Take a look at some of the emojis included in the pack below. If you’re part of the Future Hive, you’re gonnalovethis for sure. You can grab it on the iTunes and Google Play stores right now.See Emojis Below;


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