Khloe Kardashian Says Wearing Weaves Saved Her Hair

Khloe Kardashianis letting fans in on her hair secrets.The 32-year-old reality star credits her amazing mane to her stylist and her weave.“It’s not easy maintaining healthy hair when you’re constantly subjecting it to heat, styling products and dye like I do! Enter my healthy hair guru,Maisha Oliver, who’s been helping me out since I was 15 years old,”Khloewrote on herapp. “After my dad died and I lost the majority of myhair,Maishamade me these great weaves to conserve the hair I still had and help it get healthy again.”She continued, “I’ve known her forever, and just last week she hooked me up again. You heard me right: This a weave, people! My natural long hair is protected underneath it all.”Pictured:Khloerocks ripped jeans and her favorite bodysuit while filmingKeeping Up With the Kardashianswith momKris Jenneron Wednesday (June 21) in Los Angeles.


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