First video footage from inside Grenfell Tower

A video shot from inside Grenfell Tower after the devastating blaze shows the horrific conditions residents and firefighters battled with as they attempted to escape or save others.

Floors and stairwells are flooded with debris mixed up with people’s abandoned belongings in the clip shot by father-of-four Hassan Kaissi.The painter, 42, broke his Ramadan fast at about 2.30am yesterday and rushed to the scene from his home a mile away, helping residents and fire crews for more than five hours.The video begins in the flooded carpark of the building before Mr Kaissi walks up the stairs as water streamsdowneach step. He enters different rooms surveying thedevastating wreckage.Large maroon fire hoses can be seen strewn among the flooded debris. The ordinary every day life ofbicycles and cars are offset with images of windows blown out after being used to gain access.The rooms are empty to begin with and Mr Kaissi can be heard steppingthrough the water as debris crunches under his feet.Water can be constantly heard running or dripping. When they walk outside, a firefighter tells them to goback inside.Mr Kaissi, who lives a mile from Grenfell Tower, spent five-and-a-halfhours helping fire crews and pointing out residents in the buildingwho needed help.


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