Diplo Disses Katy Perry & Her Sex Claims: ‘I Don’t Even Remember’ Sleeping With Her

Diplo, 38, is striking back hard against Katy Perry,32, after she called him the worst sex partner out of three exes in a recent interview with comedianJames Corden, 38! Vice’s music channel, Thump,shared the news on Twitter and Diplo posted his own response by saying, “I don’t even remember having sex.” Ouch! He also shared an amusing photo of himself climbing a pole with the words “Iwon the bronze metal in sex Olympics.” See Diploin action with pics of his DJ skills here!Katy’s interview appeared on her YouTube live stream, Witness World Wide,and in a truth or dare type game, James asked her to rank three ex-boyfriends and how good they were in bed from worst to best. While Diplo came in third, actorOrlando Bloom, 40, won the silver and singerJohn Mayer, 39, came out on top. The American DJ dated the “Firework” singer for several months in 2014, but theykept their relationship very privatedue to Katy’s fear of a media storm erupting like it did during her relationships with ex-husbandRussell Brand, 42, and John. With Katy’s recent gutsy sexual admission and Diplo’s harsh response, we can’t imagine that it ended nicely for these two.Despite the criticism in the bedroom department, Diplo’s had his fair share of luck with dating. In addition to Katy, he’s been romantically linked to many gorgeous Hollywood starlets including actress Kate Hudson, 38, and British rapper M.I.A., 41. We hope he can at least recollect his time with them! The talented producer also has two sons with exKathryn Lockhartand showed his doting dad personality whenhe took both children to the Grammysearlier in the year.


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