Bella Thorne Dyes Hair Hot Pink for summer — See pics

Bella Thorne, 19, is constantly switching up her look and changing her hair colors, so we weren’t totally surprised when she debuted her new hair makeover. What was shocking, though, was how bright and pink her new hair is and she dyed her whole head that color! We love that Bella is so brave when it comes to switching up her look but we’re not sure if we love or loathe her new hair makeover. What do you guys think? VOTE.Bella posted a Snapchat of her sister,Dani Thorne, dying her hair and then the next snap is of her new, neon pink hair in a braid with the caption, “My whole head is this color.” Then she showed off her new hot pink hair in a bunch of different braids and we were shocked. Bella has tried basically every hair color and she even dyed her hair rainbow, but just the ends. So, to see her entire head completely pink is kind of crazy.We were just starting to get used to Bella’s super long blonde wavy locks that she was rocking everywhere and we thought maybe she would stick with that for awhile, but in true Bella style, she decided to completely change up her look and go full-blown pink. While it’s still shocking to us now, we’re probably going to get used to it like we did with her other colors.

Hit or miss??


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