[News]Bomb Explosion Rocks UK Police Base

An explosion has hit a British police base in Cyprus, leaving an officer critically injured.The blast which occurred at the Dhekelia garrison on Tuesday morning was said to have been perpetrated by “a man on a motorbike.”Cyprus Mail reports that the man on a motorbike rode up to the police station at Dhekelia garrisonand lobbed a grenade.The newspaper said the attack could be related to the involvement of the British police in a crackdown on illegal bird trapping.UK Police spokesperson, Kristian Gray, said investigations were ongoing and authorities are viewing the explosion as a criminal case.He confirmed that, “the grenade had been thrown by a man on a motorbike; injuring a police officer on duty.“The building suffered no structural damage, justa broken window.”Cyprus became an independent republic, free from British colonial rule, in 1960, but the UK retains two bases which remain British sovereign territory and house military headquarters.


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