Selena Gomez Hasn’t Met Taylor Swift’s BF: I’m Hanging Out With ‘My New Person’

They might bebest friends forever, but that doesn’t mean they are doing every single thing together.Selena Gomez, 24, gushed over spending time with her boyfriend,The Weeknd, 27, over meetingTaylor Swift‘s boo. When asked if the two ever get together with The Weeknd andJoe Alwyn, 26, Selena shot the idea down real quick with a truth bomb. “I hangout with my new person a lot!” she shared, referring to The Weeknd. But don’t worry, Taylena fans! This doesn’t mean that there’s anythinggoing down between Selena and Taylor. In fact, she explained that it’s the complete opposite.“No, honestly, if my friends are happy, that makes me happy,” Selena shared. “I’m super stoked, too.” As for how her romance with The Weeknd is going, Selena had nothing butreallypositive things to sayabout their relationship. “It’s been a good time. I love being supportive and being there and having somebody’s back,” she explained. “I haven’t had that feeling in a while.” Aw! How sweet is Selena? Not only does she want to ensure that her friend, Taylor,is happy, but she’s also gushing over how being with The Weeknd has made her happy, too. Double dates may not be working out rightnow, but lets not count them out. After all, we know that Taylor loves to throw big, lavish parties for her squad and we’re Selena would not only be invited to the next one but also bring The Weeknd along with her!


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