Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Hit Studio Together: New pics

Blake Shelton, 40, and Gwen Stefani, 47, may be making sweet music together once again! Paparazzi caught the couple out in Hollywood on June 1, and since they were photographed arriving at a recording studio, the outing has sparked speculation that a new song from the pair may be on the way. In case you forgot, Blake and Gwen paired their country and pop genres together for the 2016 duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” and it got an incredible response from fans, who would loveto hear them collaborate again. Of course, the studio trip could’ve just been for oneof them, with theother showing up for support, but hey, we can still HOPE for a collab, right?!It’s been more than a year and a half since thesetwo got togetherafter their respective divorces, and things seem to be going better than ever. The lovebirds actually just wrapped up a season coaching on The Voicetogether, and their chemistry was undeniable in each and every episode. Now, though, they’ll have some time off to relax, and with Gwen’s three sons about to finish school for the year, we can likely expect the couple and the boys topop up in Blake’s neckof the woods.


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