Hillary Clinton Claps Back At Trump & Mocks His Covfefe Flub — See Hilarious Shade

Covfefe — the word thatlaunched a thousand memes— was introduced to the world byPresident Donald Trump, 70, on May 31, when just after midnight he tweeted one of the most convoluted and cryptic tweets that the internet had ever seen. “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” Trump tweeted, leaving the Twitterverse to interpret that “word” as they would through biting tweets and hysterical memes. Of course the person whoended up dissing Trumpthe most was his 2016 presidential nominee rival,Hillary Clinton, 69, who used the made up word in an impressive clap back.People in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.https://t.co/M7oK5Z6qwF— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton)June 1, 2017“People in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe,” the former Secretary of State tweetedon the same day the word was invented. SICK. BURN. The phrase that Hillary was referencing was “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Hillary used the diss in a quote tweet of the president’s earlier message, “Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate. Hits Facebook and even Dems and DNC.” Click here to see pics ofcelebrities protesting Trump.Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybodybut herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate. Hits Facebook & even Dems & DNC.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)June 1, 2017Trump had been throwing shade at Hillary for criticizing the Democratic National Committee’s data operation that day during a Q&A session at Recode’s Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. “I mean, it was bankrupt,” she said, after stating she had “inherited nothing” after being selected as the 2016 nominee for the party. “It was on the verge of insolvency. Its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject moneyinto it.”


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