Angelina Jolie Feeling ‘Lonely’ Without Both Her Mother & Brad Pitt

Angelina isn’t close to her fatherJon Voight, 78, even though shewent out to dinner with himand several of her children back on May 10. For 12 years soon to be ex-husband Brad was everything to her, so without him in her life she’s feeling pretty lonely. “Angelinareally doesn’t have any close, close friends, she keeps people at arm’s length, and Brad was her confidante, best friend, partner in crime, her everything. Their break-up was akin to a bereavement toAngelina, she lost all of that, and she really struggled to readjust to single life, and life without Brad,” our insider adds.So far Angie’s been spending plenty of time with her children, recently taking daughterShilohto Disneylandto celebrate her 11th birthday. SonPax, 13, was her date for a Mother’s Day dinner and also tagged along on a shopping trip with the actress and daughterZahara, 12. Still, she must be craving adult conversation and interaction and the two people she was closest to in this world aren’t with her anymore.


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