Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: She Knew Marriage Was Over On Honeymoon

Honeymoons are typically the most romantic time for any couple, but forKim Kardashian, 36, her getaway withKris Humphries, 32, was the ultimate deal breaker. On the May 28 episode ofWatch What Happens Live, the reality star, who is now married toKanye West, 39, confessed thatshe knew her marriage with Kris was O-V-E-Ron their honeymoon. Remember when Kris found her diamond earring in the ocean in the Dominican Republic? The mother-of-three actually changed the story on Andy’s show by saying that Kylie Jenner discovered it in the low-tide side. It was almost as if Kim didn’t want to mention her ex-husband’s name.Their 72-day union was heavily documentedonKeeping Up With The Kardashians(or its spin-offs) for at least two seasons, and it was pretty obvious that they didn’t have much in common.For starters, they had disagreements about where to live. TheAtlanta Hawksathlete wasn’t interested in raising kids in Los Angeles— but what’s where Kim needed to be in order to keep up appearances. Kris really wanted to start a family back home in Minnesota where he was born and raised. Making matters worse, they former couple couldn’t agree on WHEN to have kids. The basketball superstar wanted to get going right away but Kim was convinced by her family to wait. In the end, theSelfishauthor came clean to momagerKris Jennerthat she wasn’t happy being married to Kris while they were vacationing in Dubai.But instead of having a clean break, the reality star and the NBA superstar went back and forth for a few months after their divorce. On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians,Kim admitted that she was still inlove with Kris. “I just wanna say to him, ‘It never had to get like this. I loved you, I still do. You were a big part of my life,’” she said. “I’m a little disappointed Kris didn’t show up. I’m just relieved this is the first step to finally moving on.” As we all know, Kim did eventually move on with Kanye and now she has an adorable family withNorthandSaint.


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