Justin Bieber, Kanye West & More Stars Who Forgot Lyrics To Their Own Songs — Watch

Embarrassing, much? The latest singer to forget the lyrics to his own song isJustin Bieber, who tried singing along to “Despacito” in Spanish andcompletely messed up the wordsin front of a live audience. He covered by singing blah, blah, blah instead which is pretty hilarious. Believe it or not, botching the lyrics in the middle of a performance is more common than you think as it’s happened to SOmany musicians we love. LikeAdele, for example, who dropped the F-bomb 30 secondsinto her concert in 2011 when she forgot the words to “Chasing Pavements.” She sweetly laughed into the microphone and started the song over.Even self-proclaimed creative geniusKanye Westfumbled the lyrics — and it’s happened atleast THREE different times. In 2009, he forgot the words to “Good Wife” at the SXSW Music festival, in 2015 he messed up a line from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and just recently herecovered from a mistake made onSaturday Night Livewhile singing “Ultra Lightbeam.” The rapper hummed instead. A similar situation happened toMiley Cyrusbackin 2009 when she performed “Fly On The Wall” live onAnt and Dec’s Takeaway.But wait — the list goes on! In honor ofAriana Grande‘s brave and empowering decision to perform abenefit concert in Manchester, check out this funny video of her singing “Right There” in 2013. Only a few seconds into her performance, the pop star adorably gigglesand looks off to the side in confusion. “I forgot the words to the songs,” she confesses to someone offstage. Her voice is so beautiful though that even her humming sounded AMAZING. Other celebs who forgot their lyrics includeKelly Clarkson, Pink, Cheryl Crow, andIggy Azalea!


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