Nicki Minaj Vows To Play Manchester Concert After Horrific Terrorist Attack

A lot of musical artists are probably taking a good hard look at whether or not to perform in some European cities that may be targets for terror. In the wake of thedeadly suicide bombingoutside ofAriana Grande‘s Manchester, England show on May 22, how could they not? One person who isn’t going to let the threat of terrorism keep her off the road isNicki Minaj, 34.TMZ‘s cameraman caught up with her at L.A.X. on May 23 and asked the “Regret In Your Tears” singer if she would be cancelling or rethinking future touring plans. She have the BEST response in the world, saying, “No, because we don’t operate in fear.” Bow down everyone, this is why Nicki is the QUEEN! When the cameraman told her “That’s a powerful statement,” she confidently replied “I’m a powerful woman.” A-to-the-MEN to that.Nicki and Ariana are close pals, especially withtheir collaboration on Ari’s “Side to Side. ” She sent heartfelt wishes to the 23-year-old, who isinconsolable afterlosing 22 young fansin the horrific suicide bombing outside the Manchester Arena. “Ariana is my sister and I love her and I love the people of the U.K. and I’m devastated by the news. It’s heartbreaking,”she told the site.WhileManchester’s residents are reelingfrom the deadly attack, Nicki’s fans can count on her to perform there on her tour next year. “Of course I’ll perform in Manchester. They deserve it,” noting that she will be going there in 2018 when she hits the road again. Following the bombing outside of Ariana’s show,Drakespoke out about how real the anxiety is among artists touring Europe these days, as he just finished his hisBoy Meets Worldtour over there. “We just left from touring in Europe and this was such a real fear we discussed frequently. I was crushed today to hear it became a reality,” he wrote on Instagram.


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