The Weeknd Buys $18 Million, LA Estate — Will Selena Gomez Move In? See Pics

The Weeknd, 27, reportedly bought himself a house in Hidden Hills, California, and it looks like it’s made of royalty! According toDaily Mail, the home has multiple rooms, a lovely backyard with an exquisite pool and it cost hima whopping $18 million. The house also has a wine cellar with a barn, a guesthouse and pretty much everything else we want! See the photos in the gallery above.This home is definitely big enough to share with at least one other person, so is The Weeknd’s girlfriend,Selena Gomez, 24, going to be moving in with him? That sounds pretty likely sincethese two can’t get enough of eachother!And this would be a great place for themto work on more songs together. As we recently learned, The Weeknd and Selena have been recording in the studio recently, so the public should expect some more awesome hits in the near future! “Part of the reason Selena is on the road with The Weeknd is to finish up his tracksthey have been working on together,”

Well, now that the “Earned It” singer has an incredible new place to live, he ought to be busting out a lot more creativity!The Weeknd is actually going to be living just down the street fromDrake, 30. So fans can probably expect them to run into each other! “They could be bumping into each other all over the community, riding bikes or horses, hiking on the trails, at the gym, in the clubhouse, on the basketball court,” a source said. Nice!


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