‘Bachelorette’: Jimmy Kimmel Predicts Rachel Lindsay’s Final 3 — Watch

Rachel Lindsayhas already found the man of her dreams even though The Bachelorette season 13 just premiered on May 22. The 31-year-old Dallas attorney had anepic first episodewhere she met all of 30 her suitors and one of themis now her fiance. She gushed about him on Jimmy Kimmel Live!and talked about how rare it is for the show to reveal she is engaged before the season began.Rachel said she and her man like to joke and say, “It’s a season of firsts.” ABC actually encouraged her to spill the big news, as she said they told her “You know, you’re so excited. You’re glowing. Just do it.” Unfortunately she hasn’t seen her beloved since the proposal, which happened just ten days ago!Jimmy always handicaps theBacheloretteseason and predicts the final three suitors — with massive help from his wifeMolly McNearny— just by watching the first episode.He said that personal trainer Eric Bigger, 29, will be one of the last men standing because, “You seem really into him, He seems smart and level-headed. Eric will make it to the final three.” Next up, chiropractor Dr. Brian Abasolo. 37. Jimmy noted, “He got the first impression rose and you french kissed him. He’s Colombian, that’s exciting. Brian will be in the final two.”“And finally, his name is Peter. You gave him that look when he got out of the limousine thatis the same look women get on their face when they see a pair of shoes they really love. You both have gaps in the front of your teeth,” Jimmy noted and said what cute kids they would have. What sealed the deal is when Rachel said she hated chocolate and he was about to eat a piece and threw it in the fire instead. “You are engaged to Peter, true or false?” he asked Rachel, who just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.The host and his wifehave an epic track recordat predicting the winner just by watching the first episode, getting eight out of the last 10Bachelor/Bachelorette engagementcorrect. We’ll have to wait and see if they’re right yet again and if business ownerPeter Kraus, 31, is Rachel’s fiance. Jimmy noted how it seems like the show’s relationships never end up working out and she said, ” I’d love to be the first, I’d love to prove you wrong.”


One response to “‘Bachelorette’: Jimmy Kimmel Predicts Rachel Lindsay’s Final 3 — Watch

  1. Hey Ben! I loved reading all your blogs so far!! It’s so good to know how things are going with you. I can tell how much you love these kids. Glad adetvrising worked for you. It’s amazing how fruitful an extra half hours work can be for your club! It was also cool to read your bonus posts. LEGO star wars, one of my favourite games. Did you really get to hang out with a Canadian Idol finalist? Either way, it seems like your having a sweet time, with the clubs and the hosts! James and I are praying for you!!


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