LeBron James Angrily Claps Back At Reporter After Frustrating Loss To Celtics – see video

Pity the fool that messes withLeBron James, 32, following a heartbreaking loss. TheCleveland Cavalierswere on their way to another win over theBoston Celtics, only to watch it slip out of their fingers. LeBron seemed to blame himself for the loss, only putting up 11 points during Game 3, according toComplex. To add insult to injury, LeBron’s nose was rubbed in his poor performance whenKenny Roda, a reporter for Cleveland radio station WHBC, asked if LeBron “wasn’t feeling” like playing that night?“I was just pretty poor,” a frustrated LeBron said. It seemed Kenny was the straw that broke the King’s back, as he snapped at the WHBC reporter. “What else do you want me to say? It seems like you only ask questions when we lose. That’s a weird thing with you, Kenny. You always come around when we lose. Okay.” Damn. While LeBron never raised his voice, it was obvious that he was not having any of it. He also reportedly shot Kenny a look when the presser was over.Kenny would later tweet that he’s been to “4 of 5 Cavs home playoff games this year” and asked questions, “win or lose.” This clash wasn’t the only incident of LeBron taking out hisGame 3 frustrations. As he was making hisway to the postgame news conference, a fan reportedly heckled LeBron’s poor performance.“What did you do?” King James shot back, according toESPN. Though, that one heckler wasn’t the only one blasting LeBron for not showing up in the fourth quarter, as many vented theirownfrustrations online.

LeBron James snipes at a reporter after Game 3 loss: “You only ask questions when we lose…You always come around when we lose, I swear.”pic.twitter.com/QoIdcbK021— Ben Golliver (@BenGolliver)May 22, 2017LeBron gave that reporter a great look when his presser was over, toopic.twitter.com/lNRjE7loAh— Kenny Ducey (@KennyDucey)May 22, 2017My grandma just said to me, “Lebron had 11 points? The hell wrong with him? He wrong forthat. He should’ve had that in the 1st quarter.”— Deltwon Travis (@ForeverHoopin1)May 22, 2017How do you blow a 21 point lead to a buzzer beater@cavs— SamDaMan (@sam_cranwell)May 22, 2017I fall asleep for two minutes during the third quarter and the cavs blow their whole lead smh— Jake Lundy (@turkeykin)May 22, 2017It’s likely that one person LeBron was most angry with was himself. His 11 points were thelowest point total in 107 career home playoff games. It was also his worst performance in three years, as he only scored fewer pots in a May 28, 2014 game against theIndiana Pacers(netting seven points while he was with theMiami Heat). Though, better he blame himself than taking his anger out on teammate Tristan Thompson, 28. Tristan’s girlfriend,Khloe Kardashian, 32,attended Game 3(along with sisterKylie Jenner, 19) adding more evidence to the “Kardashian Cure” being real. After rumors claim LeBron banned Tristan’s bae from games, this Game 3 loss might give him reason kick Khloe off the court!