Nicki Minaj Goes Off On Remy Ma In Scathing ‘Swish Swish’ Verse — Read Lyrics

NickiMinaj, 34, already totally destroyed RemyMa, 36, on her song “No Frauds,” but it looks like she’s at it again — and this time, she has some help from Katy Perry, 32. The ladies released theirepic collaboration “Swish Swish”on May 18, and they both appear to be taking shots at their public nemeses’, Remy and Taylor Swift, 27, respectively. “Silly rap beefsjust get me more checks,” Nicki begins her verse. The Nicki/Remy feud is one of the biggest rap beefs of 2017, so from the get-go, the rapper’s making it pretty clear this topic is where she’s headed.Other lyrics from the verse include “Cause I make M’s, they get much less” and “My haters is obsessed” and “Don’t be tryna double back, Ialready despise you.” She totally goes OFF, and even makes a reference toOffset, who’s dating one of Remy’s best friends, Cardi B.“Mylife is a movie, I’m never off set,” Nicki raps.

Meanwhile, Katy’s part of the song definitely seems to be her retaliation to Taylor’s hit “Bad Blood,” with scathing lyrics like, “You’re calculated, I got your number, cause your a joker” and “Your game is tired, you should retire.” OUCH! Listen to the full song above.


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