Camila Cabello: Fifth Harmony Totally Ignores Her Debut Single & Fans Are Heartbroken

Camila Cabello, 20, might just be crying in the club because Ally Brooke,Normani Kordei,Dinah JaneandLauren Jaureguihave not said a peep on social media when it comes to congratulating her onher new song! We knew that things have been tense betweenCamila and the rest of the bandsince her departure, but this is just a bummer. “Do you care?” one fan asked onTwitter, tagging the rest of the band’s handles to try and get their attention. Basically, Harmonizers want 5H to take notice…but it’s not happening!Even though Camila’s ex-bandmates might notbe saying anything about her and“Crying in theClub,” there’s no shortage of support where the fans are concerned. After the song dropped on May 19, the positive response wasfast and furious. “Take a bow! Good job girl,” one fan commented on Instagram. “OMG CAMILA ITS A MASTERPIECE,” another wrote, er, rather enthusiastically. But they weren’t wrong! Watch the video above and see for yourself, then check out more tweets below:@Camila_CabelloDESERVING OF NUMBER ONE— Chaddy(@chadperez)May 19, 2017@Camila_CabelloAN ICONIC— agustín (@arianasharmoni)May 19, 2017@Camila_CabelloGURL ITS BEEN ON REPEAT AND STREAMING IT TOO ON SPOTIFY BC ITS BOMB CONGRATS— GIFTING CITC (@CamilaMyIdol)May 19, 2017@Camila_Cabello”Hope y guys like it”?Camila we LOVE THAT. We are so emotional. So proud. These songs are amazing. The videois amazing.Oh my love. ILY!!— Kami loves Camila(@KamiENCabello)May 19, 2017

Check out an excerpt of the lyrics:

So put your arms around me tonightLet the music lift you upLike you’ve never been so highOpen up your heart to meLet the music lift you upLike you’ve never been this free‘Til you feel the sunriseLet the music warm your bodyLike the heat of a thousand firesThe heat of a thousand firesCome on, how could 5H not be into this?! Hopefully by the end of the day, they’ll give Camila their best wishes.


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