Harry Styles Rocks Out To Fan-Favorite ‘Carolina’ On ‘The Late Late Show’ — Watch

Fans have gone absolutely wild over Harry Styles’song “Carolina” since he first performed iton theTodayShowMay 9, and during the May 16 episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, he gave a live TV performance of the track once again! Wearing a maroon suit and white button down, the 23-year-old belted out the fan-favorite track while playing guitar. Obviously, he looked AND sounded amazing during the performance.“Carolina” has gotten a lot of attention becauseof the song’s subject, who was recently revealed to be a fan namedTownes. Harry met Townes just one time before penning the song about her, and he actually admitted it was the track that helped him complete the album after a writer’s block. “We had a week where we were in a total hole and couldn’t do anything,” he explained in hisBehind the Albumdocumentary. “And then, for the first time in a long time, I’d actually been out and done something, then came back to the studio and decided to write about that.”In the song, Harry says Townes is “all I think about,” and in the documentary, he revealedhehasseen her sincehe wrote the song. However, a romantic relationship has not ensued. In fact, he didn’t tell her about “Carolina” before he put the album out — she only found out about it because her dad heard the lyrics when he was watching Harry perform on the TodayShow. WILD!


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