Sophie Turner shuts-down Rumors She Used Racial Slur In Viral Video

Yikes!Sophie Turner, 21, is finally reacting to that Instagram video, where it sounds like she’s saying a racial slur. She cleared it up in astatement withE! Newson May 9, during which she claims that she would never use a vulgar word like that.“I used the word motherf–kers in a recent video posted in an Instagram story and not a hateful racial slur that has been suggested,” Sophie said. “I am incredibly upset that anyonewould think otherwise, and I want to make it clear that I would never use such an abhorrent word.”

Game of Thrones #SophieTurner is under fire for this video with #JoeJonas

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The video was posted on fitness expert Brendan Fallis’s page and has since been deleted. But it was later posted on May 9 with the caption, “Game of Thrones #SophieTurner is under fire for this video with #JoeJonas.” In the clip, Brendan can be seen recording himself with Sophie and her beauJoe Jonas, 27, as they hang out together at the gym. Joe acknowledges the camera as Sophie sits on a workout bench and says what sounds a lot like, “What’s up, n****s?!”Instagram users have been back and forth on what was actually said in the video. One commenter wrote, “She’s an idiot. Here comes the fake apology.” Another wrote, “No she didn’t, she said mother f–ka.”


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