Popular OAP explains why Nigerians should not vote for TBoss on Big brother Naija

It’s Our National AnthemAsk an American to sing their national anthem or even a south African, it comesout of them with pride and joy.The Nigerian national anthem should be sang with pride and joy also. IT’S OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM.READ: How Tboss went from not knowing the national anthem to blaming Debie-Rise for itI have nothing againstTBossas a person, but I have a problem with the change we are trying to effect not being wholesome.

And to think that a lot of ‘Cool Peoples’ have come out to say that TBoss shouldn’t be held accountable for not being able to sing the national anthem ona live international programme built for Nigerians is just crazy.ALSO: Understanding why people love and hate TbossThere are a lot of children and young people that watchBig Brother Naijaand they would emulate the lives of the house mates, and eventually the winner because this is how powerful television is.Please the national anthem is somethingthat you and I should not take for granted.


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