Chaos as evil spirits, witches allegedly chase students out of school

A school in Chivi, Zimbabwe, Nyahonde Secondary School has been shut indefinitely over claims of witchcraft and activities of evil spirits.The alleged witchcraft activities at the school had led to bizarre incidents, as students faint mysteriously, a local news platform, Zimeye news reports.The report quoted a parent who wished notto be named as linkingevil spiritsand witchcraft to torments faced by students.“Mysterious incidents have been taking place at the school. Some pupils passed out under mysterious circumstances while a form two girl went into a trance for a longtime,” the parent said.A local Councillor in Chivi community, Wilson Machingambi, disclosed that aggrieved parents withdrew their children from the school after the bizarre incidents.

Machingambi noted that the mass withdrawer prompted authorities to suspend lessons.”The parents said that a new schoolgirl was behind the acts of witchcraft,” adding that ”Goblins also manifested at the school.”


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