Remy Ma Warns Nicki Minaj To ‘Run For Cover’ If She Messes With Her Again

Remy Ma is LOVING all the attention she’s getting fromher savage diss tracks“shETHER” and “Another One” where she absolutely destroyed hip hop’s reigning queenNicki Minaj, 34. In a Facebook Live session Mar. 7, she revealed that she came after the “Anaconda” rapper so hard because the 36-year-old believes that SHE is the real number one woman in the biz.“In the event that you piss me off and we become arch enemies, run for cover, becauseI don’t care anymore. There’s nothing even to think about. Realistically there’s a lot that wasgoing on, the record thing. I felt like as women, that you’re supposed to say, in any field, you’re supposed to think you’re the best damn one that’s out there. You should never feel like you’re number two to anybody, that’s how I’ve always been. I don’t care what anyone says, Ijust think that I’m the sh*t,” Remy proudly proclaimed, adding “Don’t try tocome for me.”
“I realized recently that I’ve really mastered the art of arguing and I thought maybe I should have taken it a little easier… nah,” she joked. “But it’s over now. If she wants to say something then cool, but I said what I had to say and that’s really it. I don’t care. I was neverwaiting for a response, I shut you downand that’s it.” Brutal! So far Nicki hasn’t taken the bait and replied with any response tracks, which is probably a smart move. What’s done is done, and the best thing now is for people to just let it fade into their memories instead of keeping the feud alive.


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