Young Thug Warned Sean Kingston To Not Mess With Migos Before Vegas Brawl — Watch

Sean Kingston, 27,was assaultedby Quavo,TakeoffandOffsetfrom the group Migos while all four of them happened to be at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas for the annual Agenda Show on Feb. 21. An argument over Soulja Boy was the catalyst for a fight in which the boys “beat Sean badly, allegedly kicking him andstomping on his head,” according toTMZ.

But, is there any chance this could have been avoided if Sean had listened toYoung Thugback in December 2016 when he warned him not to get involved in the drama between Soulja and Migos over a diss track? Possibly, as Thugger had some words of wisdom for the “Beautiful Girls” singer that he sent via an Instagram video.Sean Kingston — PICS“PSA: That s**t with Soulja Boy and Quavo of the Migos, let that shit be with them,” Thug said in the video. “Sean Kingston, relax. Because we ain’t gon’ do too much playing. Relax. Stay outta that. I ain’t telling you nothing but one time.” Okay, so that may havebeen more on the tough love side of things, but it really sounded like the “Pick Up The Phone” singer was trying to look out for everyone in that situation. Let’s hope that things settle down after this fight.


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