Christina Grimmie’s Brother Release Her New Haunting Song ‘Invisible’: Listen

Marcus Grimmie, 24, honored his late sisterChristina Grimmieby premiering her powerfulnew song, “Invisible,” on Feb. 16, during his appearance onElvis Duran and The Morning Show. “It’s completely and utterly amazing because obviously we were devastated as a family,” he revealed to the hosts. “For the firstthree months, we didn’t even do anything, andthen around August I would say, we were like,‘Hey, you know, we have so much music that she’s been working on!’ 
And close fans, friends and family have asked us about it constantly, and we owe it to her.”Christina sadly passed away at the young ageof 22 in June 2016, after being fatally shot while signing autographs for fans after her concert in 

Orlando, Florida. Her absence was definitely felt by all those who loved her, especially due to the extremely shocking nature of her death. AfterThe Voiceseason 6contestant was shot, Marcus brazenly tackledthe gunman. The assailant killed himself at the scene, but many are still coming to terms with this senseless tragedy.Christina Grimmie’s Candlelight Vigil & Memorial — Pics“Since about 2015, she’s been just grinding it out, writing songs, and has about 50-60 songs that are finished vocally, and she’d justbeenputting in hard work,” Marcus gushed about his loving sister. He also noted, “It’s unbelievable, no one that I have ever met has worked as hard as she has, and that’s for sure. We’re very excited to be doing this the way she wanted it done.”Additionally, the proceeds of her haunting new track “Invisible” will go to a memorial fund set up in Christina’s name. Marcus revealed, “The really cool thing is as a family we’re just building Christina’s legacy, because she already left quite a huge mark in this world, and was continuing to do so.” Her second studio album,Invisible, will also be released on Feb. 17, 2017!


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