Gaga Compared To Kermit & SpongeBob In Halftime Performance Memes

Oh come on! We’ve got to give it up for Lady Gaga for her fearless and absolutely epic Super Bowl 51 Halftimeperformance. Unfortunately, her theatrics made her the butt of some cruel internet memes that included SpongeBob Squarepants, Kermit the Frog and more. We’ve got the details.Now this is just SO wrong!Lady Gaga, 30, absolutely slayed in her Super Bowl 51 Halftime show performance, but that didn’t get in the way of some mean internet trolls from comparing her daring performance to that of cartoon characters! She startedsinging from the very top of NRG Stadiumin Houston, TX which is a good thousand feet up from the stage. Then with complete grace she was lowered down to the stage on suspension wires while still singing. THAT IS IMPRESSIVE but noooo….her incredible feat turned into online memes about how she looked like a flying squirrel or a SpongeBob Squarepants character as she was lowered into place.Really, ifBeyoncehad stuck this pose would we be bashing her under the sea? NO! So whydo it to Gaga?y’all be making lady gaga the sponge bob meme rn but look— brandy(@brandyann0)February 6, 2017She was completely fearless being lowered hundreds of feet on wire in open air ON LIVE TV!!!  Call her out as a meme as a flying squirrel, but Gaga took chances!Hey squirrel— Saint Hoax (@SaintHoax)February 6, 2017No, she does not look like Buzz Lightyear fromToy Storyhere.  This woman had some seriously hard moves that she pulled off LIVE flawlessly. Why tear into her?See Photos Of Lady GagaLady gaga getting ready to— drake (@drakelambright)February 6, 2017Again just NO!  She got out of her lowering lines and into performance flawlessly but the memes wouldn’t stop. Some say she looked like Kermit the Frog trying to escape her tie lines.lady gaga just jumped off— Dory (@Dory)February 6, 2017Gaga,you slayed it! Don’t let these haters get you down. You did one heck of a daring performance and pulled it off brilliantly!


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