Kristen Stewart Worried She’ll *Fail*As Host Of ‘Saturday Night Live’

We are so stoked thatKristen Stewart, 26, isfinally getting around to hostingNBC’sSaturday Night Liveafter all these years of fame, and boy is she ready! The starlet stopped byThe Tonight ShowFeb. 2 to chat up her big appearance with Jimmy Fallon, 42,andshe looked absolutely incrediblein a pair of black hot pants and a matching bra top with a silvery mesh overlay. Jimmy joked thatshe was wearing her “winter outfit” at her distinctly summer attire and she said that it’s because she’s “emanating so much heat” from getting ready to hostSNL.As to why she has held out for so long on hosting the iconic show, K-Strew revealed that it has taken years for her to get over the fear of doing live sketch comedy.”For six years I’ve been being a total wuss about it. At some point you have to just bite the bullet, you know, and just fail,” she joked. “It will make you stronger, man!” Oh Kristen, we know you’re going to crush the gig! On a lighter note she said “it’s been really really fun” rehearsing for the show, so at least she’shaving a total blast getting ready for the big night.Pics: Kristen StewartThe starlet was asked byE! Newsback in 2010 why she hadn’t hosted the show, as shewas at the height of herTwilightpopularity back then. She said she hadn’t been asked and that, “I would love to say yes for sure, but that is really, really scary. I am so critical of myself and then also of people who are on the show. It’s like, ‘Nope, you’re not funny — next!’” It may have taken all these years, but she’s finally up for the challenge and we can’twait to watch!


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